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Jacqueline Ko – CEO

Jacqueline Ko’s entire life mission is deeply rooted in her love and remembrance for her beloved mother, who tragically passed away by suicide five years ago. This profound loss has shaped her belief that mental health is foundational to achieving happiness and inner peace. As an influential speaker and life coach, Jacqueline has been pivotal in founding an impactful organization and platform, encouraging collective efforts towards the betterment of humanity. Her extensive research across various cultures, generations, and religions has led her to develop a unique formula for understanding the essence of the human spirit.

Jacqueline’s professional journey began in real estate, followed by a significant role in the Advertising/Marketing sector at Saatchi and Saatchi. Her career path took several turns before she became the Founder and CEO of Light Space Inc., a company at the forefront of providing innovative LED solutions worldwide.

With her expertise in illuminating physical spaces, Jacqueline is now dedicated to enlightening individuals worldwide, aiming to brighten the lives of people with the same intensity she brings to physical spaces.